Bathroom installation

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What is bathroom installation? Evolution Bathrooms can help you with this. We have been in the business for many decades and have helped many customers from all walks of life, including celebrities! There are a lot of things to think about when installing a bathroom, so we will give you the basics before going into more detail.

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, but it helps if you know what your space allows beforehand. Allow us to walk you through what is involved in it.

What is bathroom installation?

Bathroom installation is the installation of a bathroom in your home. Evolution Bathrooms can help you with this since we are experts in our field. We have been doing this for decades and know what it takes to get everything right before installing bathrooms that will last many years!

Advantages of installing a bathroom

The advantages of installing a bathroom are numerous. Evolution Bathrooms can help you get through this process quickly and easily! A few benefits of installing a new bathroom include:

  • Easy clean flooring surfaces, walls, ceilings – Evolution Bathrooms will ensure that the materials used for your bathrooms are easy to keep tidy by removing dirt or spillages.
  • Safety – Evolution Bathrooms makes sure that all of our products comply with safety standards so if something is installed incorrectly it won’t pose any harm to yourself or others in your home.

Factors to consider during bathroom installation

Several factors should be considered when having a new/existing bathroom fitted out like

  • Style: What look are you going for? Evolution Bathrooms can help you decide on the style of bathroom that best suits your home and the purpose it’s being used for.
  • Requirements: What are your requirements in a bathroom? Evolution Bathrooms will ensure all our products meet these criteria so there is no need to worry when we come to install them.
  • Space: How much space do you have available? Evolution Bathrooms knows what size bathrooms should be according to local regulations but also factors in how many people may use this room at once, which could impact its layout or design.
  • Plumbing: Where does water flow from/to if applicable? Evolution Bathrooms will ensure all our products are installed in accordance with local regulations to avoid any unnecessary problems down the line.

Bathroom installation mistakes Evolution Bathrooms can help you avoid

Poor ventilation

Evolution Bathrooms will make sure your bathroom is well ventilated, which means no excess moisture or unpleasant odours.

Not enough (or too much) lighting

Evolution Bathrooms understands that good lighting makes a space inviting and safe. We’ll install bulbs of varying intensities where necessary for versatility when it comes to styling, hanging pictures/mirrors etc.

Cramming too much into a small space

Evolution Bathrooms knows how important it is to use your space well, and we’ll help you plan a layout that works.

Poor drainage

Evolution Bathrooms will take care of all the plumbing in your new bathroom so it runs smoothly and efficiently without clogging or leaks. We can even install an outdoor drain for those times when water just doesn’t stay put!

Unsuitable materials

When choosing tiles, flooring, bathtubs etc., there are many factors to consider including durability, style compatibility with other surfaces/features/furnishings etc. Evolution Bathrooms will be sure everything matches up aesthetically as well as functionally.

Saving money on the wrong things

When you’re planning a renovation, it can be tempting to try and save money on the smaller things that you don’t think matter as much — but they do! Evolution Bathrooms will ensure all materials are not only high quality but also durable and long-lasting.

Not consulting bathroom experts

If your new bathroom is going to become an integral part of your daily routine for many years ahead, spending time with professionals who know what’s best is well worth it in the end. This is where we come in. We will suggest options or tell you when something just isn’t right so listen up!

Insufficient storage

This is something that many people just forget about. When you’re in the middle of a bathroom renovation, it can be difficult to visualize how much room you have left, especially if your bathroom is already small, to begin with. If you’re constantly running out of storage space in the rest of your home, there’s a good chance that this will happen again when it comes time for renovation as well.

Losing a bathtub

This one might seem obvious but some people still think about using their tub despite losing access to it completely during renovations! In many cases, the decision not to go ahead and remove an existing bathtub can cause problems down the road. Bathtubs tend to catch water from surrounding surfaces after all – imagine what would happen if they weren’t properly sealed or didn’t fill up enough before draining into your system…yuck!

Not planning the layout properly

Sometimes people want to change the layout of their bathroom but don’t consider all of the different factors that will go into it. Think about things like proximity to light sources, ventilation and plumbing – you might end up with a space that’s either too dark or stuffy if these aren’t considered before construction begins!


How big should my shower cubicle be?

A showering area should have at least 120cm between its walls and any other surface (like doors, windows or furniture). This ensures that you have enough room to move around and avoid any accidents.

What are the disadvantages of having a shower door included in my bathroom installation?

If you’re looking to save money by including your shower doors as part of the installation, there are some key downsides that you should be aware of; firstly, if something goes wrong with it or any other part of your new design then fixing them could become expensive. Secondly, they can obstruct airflow and ventilation so consider whether this is likely to cause issues for you before making up your mind!

How do I maintain my new bathroom?

The good news is that the right bathroom materials will be strong, durable and easy to clean. There are plenty of tiles on the market which can do all three so you’ll have a lot less work maintaining your new bathroom!

How much ventilation is required in the bathroom?

Ventilation is required for all bathrooms, but it’s even more important if you’re considering having a shower door included as part of your new design – make sure there are no obstructions like doors or mirrors directly opposite vents! Your plumber can also help with this aspect of installation.

How much space do I need for storage?

When choosing what furniture will go into which room make sure that adequate storage solutions have been considered; ideally bathrooms would also include items like toilet roll holders but these aren’t always necessary (and may not even be included in your bathroom design).

What should I consider when choosing my flooring?

There are many different materials available for bathroom floors including tiles, stone (like slate) and wood laminate; they each come with their advantages and disadvantages so think about what works best for both the and feel of your space before choosing.

What if I want to change my mind?

If you’ve made the mistake of not consulting a professional and building your bathroom, then it can end up costing much more than expected. If money is tight this may be fine but there’s no guarantee that everything will work together as well as planned or fit into its designated space; also consider how long it might take to get parts for anything you need!

What if my budget isn't enough?

You’re not alone here – most people struggle with their budgets when it comes to building or renovating their homes. However, one thing we recommend avoiding at this point is going over budget by cutting corners in places where they don’t matter as much (like ventilation). By spending more money upfront for quality stuff, you won’t need to replace anything soon after installation because it simply won’t break down. If something does fail then chances are high it will be covered by warranty. If you’re worried about money, we can help make a bathroom design plan that works for your budget and schedule, so contact us to learn more!

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